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Hier seht ihr Teil 2 der Daily Pics


20 August 2013

Bild 51 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Out of the blue, here's a new stage--the Pyrosphere from Metroid: Other M! An enemy from Samus's past may appear at any second…


21 August 2013

Bild 52 (3DS)

Pic of the day. I guess we haven't shown the Villager or the Wii Fit Trainer on the 3DS until now. By the way, their outlines can be made thinner or made to disappear completely.


22 August 2013

Bild 53 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Wii Fit Trainer knocks in a header! This lethal move is based off of one of the Wii Fit Balance Games.


23 August 2013

Bild 54 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. New and old planes makes a miraculous rendezvous.


26 August 2013

Bild 55 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Ahem! You mind not touching my nose?


27 August 2013

Bild 56 (3DS)

Pic of the day. A Reset Bomb has gone off! It's meant to return the surrounding area back to nature.


28 August 2013

Bild 57 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. A panoramic view of Wuhu Island. The stage flies around the right-hand side of the mountain.


29 August 2013

Bild 58 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Link finishes off his move as Kirby dances.


30 August 2013

Bild 59 (3DS)

Pic of the day. The same name, yet a completely different move. Mega Man's Charge Shot is a chargable side smash attack.


02 September 2013

Bild 60 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Mario Bros., your days are numbered! Donkey Kong in the current build is super strong…but we'll be looking at the battle records when balancing out the characters, so nobody knows how he will turn out in the end.


03 September 2013

Bild 61 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. The Villager has two balloons. They can be popped one at a time.


04 September 2013

Bild 62 (3DS)

Pic of the day. His sliding move was originally used to pass under tight spaces.


05 September 2013

Bild 63 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. An encounter in the middle of a marathon...?


06 September 2013

Bild 64 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Although it'll deal Pit some damage, Thunder Jolt isn't powerful enough to stop the Upperdash Arm!


09 September 2013

Bild 65 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Nothing to see here--just another airplane passing right above town with people fighting on it.


10 September 2013

Bild 66 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Isn't Kirby drawn with a familiar artsy style?


11 September 2013

Bild 67 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. The Pyrosphere viewed from above. The Morph Ball design is also based on the one from Metroid: Other M.


12 September 2013

Bild 68 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Peach joins the battle! We've added 10 pictures of her on the website, but keep in mind that the game is still in development. Her moves may be refreshed by the time the games are released.


13 September 2013

Bild 69 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Here comes my Mario…NOT!


16 September 2013

Bild 70 (3DS)

Pic of the day. Here's the 3DS version of Captain Olimar and an upside down Link.


17 September 2013

Bild 71 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. The ladies compare their heights.


18 September 2013

Bild 72 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Inside the corridor along one of the walls in Pyrosphere, a view that's really not visible in-game. You can't tell from the picture, but it's actually a gigantic open space.


19 September 2013

Bild 73 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. By any chance, are you hiding something from me?


20 September 2013

Bild 74 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Pardon us for a sec! Hop!


23 September 2013

Bild 75 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. The speed and power of Samus's Charge Shot has been drastically improved. However, that could potentially put her in danger on occasion.


24 September 2013

Bild 76 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. The ring is for whom?


25 September 2013

Bild 77 (3Ds)

Pic of the day. Luigi's jump now has him paddling his legs. His vertical leap is undoubtedly high!


26 September 2013

Bild 78 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Toon Link joins the battle!! Just look at those innocent cat-eyes! The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD is out in Japan today.


27 September 2013

Bild 79 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Excuse me sir, did you happen to drop this bomb?


30 September 2013

Bild 80 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. The two heroes swing it out with a double Spin Attack! Wouldn't wanna be to the one to get hit.


01 Oktober 2013

Bild 81 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. The Warrior pose. It's not necessary to point that finger.


Bild 82 (WiiU)

A REAL pic of the day. Our guest, Sonic the Hedgehog, joins the battle! We also released a short video clip.


02 Oktober 2013

Bild 83 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Let's compete on the jump springs! Those springs can also shoot out other fighters into the air.


03 Oktober 2013

Bild 84 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Excuse me, but I didn't just hear you say "Sonic joins the battle," did I?


04 Oktober 2013

Bild 85 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. The trio as joint co-stars. Who is the strongest of them all?!


07 Oktober 2013

Bild 86 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Here's a close-up snapshot of Fox McCloud's Blaster. It can open up.


08 Oktober 2013

Bild 87 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Sonic's standard attack is also known as PPK. He finishes off his move with a side kick.


09 Oktober 2013

Bild 88 (3DS)

Pic of the day. If it's just a missile, a sword can slice it right up. Of course, you could also just use your bare hands.


10 Oktober 2013

Bild 89 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. The shield that can deflect things with a little "clunk!" is still around. There's a slight reaction to the impact this time, so brace yourself.


11 Oktober 2013

Bild 90 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Wii Fit trainer is flexible even while sleeping.


14 Oktober 2013

Bild 91 (3DS)

Pic of the day. Stages like this one are often seen in the New Super Mario Bros series. It means trouble.


15 Oktober 2013

Bild 92 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Surpass the speed of sound! Become a star!


16 Oktober 2013

Bild 93 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. A panoramic view of Skyloft, a location that we've seen since the first announcement of the game. You fight landing on the various platforms.


17 Oktober 2013

Bild 94 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Looks like your teeth are cavity free, huh?


18 Oktober 2013

Bild 95 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. We have absolutely nothing to announce today regarding Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. Really!


21 Oktober 2013

Bild 96 (3DS)

Pic of the day. What a great sound a Meteor Smash makes when it slams on an opponent! …Which, I'm sure, you can't tell by the picture.


22 Oktober 2013

Bild 97 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Flying through rings actually requires careful maneuvering, so um...would you mind getting off?


23 Oktober 2013

Bild 98 (3DS)

Pic of the day. I've got this strange growth on my back lately---which should be impossible, since I'm a robot.


24 Oktober 2013

Bild 99 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Sonic: Lost World is out in Japan today! The Windy Hill area can also be seen in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U…but I can't tell you all the details yet!


25 Oktober 2013

Bild 100! (WiiU)

Pic of the day. This one marks the 100th pic of the day! Without further ado, I'd like to introduce Luigi as he adjusts his nose. Hope you enjoy!


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