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Hier findet ihr die täglichen Daily Updates über das Spiel Super Smash Bros. Wii U/Nintendo 3DS wieder. Masahiro Sakurai der Erfinder von Super Smash Bros. postet von Montag-Freitag immer ein neues cooles Bild und manchmal etwas anderes aus dem Miiverse. Ich habe mir extra für euch die Arbeit gemacht jedes einzelne Notiz auf dieser Webseite wiederzugeben. Alles hat am 11 Juni 2013 begonnen. Jedes einzelne Bild wurde mit dem Datum des Bildes und dem Originalen Spruch von Masahiro Sakurai versehen. Also Viel Spaß mit den einzelnen Bildern!

Da es sehr viele Bilder sind, sind diese in verschiedenen Teilen aufgeteilt. Um die neusten Bilder zu sehen müsst ihr auf den letzten Teil klicken.

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Hier seht ihr Teil 1 der Daily Pics


11 Juni 2013

Der Beginn

Hi I'm the director of Super Smash Bros., Masahiro Sakurai of Sora. From now on, I'll be posting on Miiverse, so I hope you'll look forward to my posts. Please note that I won't be able to answer any questions.

Two new Smash Bros. games have just been announced. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS!

As you can see, there's a community for Super Smash Bros.! There's also an official website.


Erster Trailer/Dorfbewohner wird vorgestellt

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS has just been announced! The main character from Animal Crossing, the Villager also joins the battle!


Mega Man wird vorgestellt

The long-awaited super robot Mega Man joins the battle! He fights using the various weapons he acquired from bosses in past games.


 Intro Bild 1 (WiiU)

Mega Man 2 seems to be the most popular, so many of his moves are from that game.


Wii Fit Trainerin wird vorgestellt

She looks so healthy…!


 Intro Bild 2 (WiiU)

Her moves are based off her fitness exercises. Move your body. Let's try it together.


Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS Developer Direct

Here's a video where I talk about Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/Nintendo 3DS. Aside for the four-player battle, I was talking about the game while simultaneously controlling multiple characters and cameras by myself.


 Bild 1 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. I'll be posting pictures of the game taken from my desk about five days a week.


  12 Juni 2013

Illustrastration 1

We made artwork for new characters joining the battle. Here's one for The Villager. Isabelle must be surprised.


13 Juni 2013

Illustrastration 2

The artwork for "Mega Man Joins the Battle" is by Mr. Higurashi of CAPCOM. I'd love to ask people who has something to do with the characters as much as possible.


13 Juni 2013

Bild 2 (WiiU)

Pic of the day.


 14 Juni 2013

Illustrastration 3

Here's the artwork: Wii Fit Trainer Weighs in. The Tree Pose. The person in red, his hands aren't reaching all the way.


14 Juni 2013

Bild 3 (WiiU)

Pic of the day.


17 Juni 2013

Bild 4 (WiiU)

Pic of the day.


18 Juni 2013

Bild 5 (WiiU)

Pic of the day.


19 Juni 2013

Bild 6 (WiiU)

Pic of the day.


20 Juni 2013

Bild 7 (WiiU)

Pic of the day.


21 Juni 2013

Bild 8 (3DS)

Pic of the day.


24 Juni 2013

Bild 9 (WiiU)

Pic of the day.


25 Juni 2013

Bild 10 (WiiU)

Pic of the day.


26 Juni 2013

Bild 11 (WiiU)

Pic of the day.


27 Juni 2013

Bild 12 (WiiU)

Pic of the day.


28 Juni 2013

Bild 13 (WiiU)

Pic of the day.


01 Juli 2013

Bild 14 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. The Yellow Devil appeared in the first Mega Man game, but…?


02 Juli 2013

Bild 15 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. New combatants join the fray.


03 Juli 2013

Bild 16 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. This pic says it all.


04 Juli 2013

Bild 17 (3DS)

Pic of the day. This stage appears in a Puzzle Swap panel.


05 Juli 2013

Bild 18 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Adorable!


08 Juli 2013

Bild 19 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. The reflective shields of the Guardian Orbitars have patterns on them.


09 Juli 2013

Bild 20 (3DS)

Pic of the day. This shows a traveling stage in the moment just after Bowser got blasted from below in the first trailer.


10 Juli 2013

Bild 21 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Mysterious solar power.


11 Juli 2013

Bild 22 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. A transforming view of the Mega Buster.


12 Juli 2013

Bild 23 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Pikmin & Captain Olimar have landed! Congrats on the launch of Pikmin 3 in Japan!


15 Juli 2013

Bild 24 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. The S.S. Drake from the planet Koppai arrives at the Garden of Hope.


16 Juli 2013

Bild 25 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Beware the double attack!


17 Juli 2013

Bild 26 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Treasure found!


18 Juli 2013

Bild 27 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. The fleeting lives of tiny creatures.


19 Juli 2013

Bild 28 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Is that…a boy riding a gyroid?!


22 Juli 2013

Bild 29 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Close-up of the whistle and the Hocotate Freight logo.


23 Juli 2013

Bild 30 (3DS)

Pic of the day. Viridi, Goddess of Nature, is about to obliterate the humans as they battle, driven by greed.


24 Juli 2013

Bild 31 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Right back atcha!


25 Juli 2013

Bild 32 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. The tin lift somehow leaves a lasting impression.


26 Juli 2013

Bild 33 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. The impact-launch effect has been powered up. The assigned color makes it clear which player will get points in the event of a KO.


29 Juli 2013

Bild 34 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Let's stretch our backs.


30 Juli 2013

Bild 35 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. It's easy to overlook town scenery while you're battling.


31 Juli 2013

Bild 36 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Dazed…


01 August 2013

Bild 37 (3DS)

Pic of the day. Come on out, Cragalanche! (Not really.)


02 August 2013

Bild 38 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Mega Upper vs. Super Jump Punch.


05 August 2013

Bild 39 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. A mysterious space warrior appears.


06 August 2013

Bild 40 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. This island looks familiar!


07 August 2013

Bild 41 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Two that are actually not so tall. Kirby's about 8 inches high, Captain Olimar maybe a little over an inch.


Bild 42 (WiiU)

A REAL pic of the day--Luigi joins the battle! In prior games, we've never introduced Luigi before release, but why not? This is the "Year of Luigi," after all.


08 August 2013

Bild 43 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Take a deep breath…


09 August 2013

Bild 44 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Oh well…


12 August 2013

Bild 45 (3DS)

Pic of the day. A big fire breaks out in Gerudo Valley. Epona, help!


13 August 2013

Bild 46 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. A BOMB!


14 August 2013

Bild 47 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Takeoff!


15 August 2013

Bild 48 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Isn't it a bit early to be worn out?


16 August 2013

Bild 49 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Here's the X Bomb from Kid Icarus: Uprising. Not to be mistaken for the one from Meteos.


19 August 2013

Bild 50 (WiiU)

Pic of the day. Right back atcha! (everyone can do this)


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