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Hier seht ihr Teil 2 der Heroes United Smash-Pics von girstaco



06 November 2017

Bild 51

pikachu: HEY MEGAMAN!!! megaman: dude, you're shocking me...


Bild 52

toon link shimmying on a rope!


Bild 53

batman and robin vs bowser croc


Bild 54

get equipt with rainbow laser!


Bild 55

toon link wallpaper or something


Bild 56

care to caption?


Bild 57

zim vs dib (also there's gir)


07 November 2017

Bild 58


my first paint over: aang from avatar the last airbender


kirby as holbie pinnock from neopets altador cup team kiko lake!


my first 1966 batman post in honor of adam west


my personal favorite adam west batman paint!


batmii and robin revisited


my fist draw request!


jedi ness!


bat ness!


dib pit (cuz there voices seem similar)


justice league main 3 vs doomsday!


the lego dimensions main 3!


luigi ghost bustin!


jay zx from lego ninjago season 1 and 2!


my second draw request! ness and lucas outfit swap!


robin and robin in a robin outfit...robin XD


dc comics cyborg!


and finally a batman and literal robin vs bowser croc! there are other ones i really liked and i like them all but these are just my favorites :D thanks for viewing and i hope you had as much fun as i had! i'll be on tomorrow at the end with one more thing :) have fun and may peace and happiness be ever at your side =)


07 November 2017

Bild 59

i don't even know XD one last silly post ;)


Bild 60

me and my 2 favorite video game characters! kirby, lucas and toon link are also up at the top ;)


Bild 61

here we are at the finally of the website we've taken to heart we've been busy making drawings it's fun here from the start until this week when things went on fire cuz the site is closing i'm sad that... things change when a new thing comes along it seems so strange that this is now are so-long so here's my goodbye too you...

I was saying this to my friends on another website I play it's always sad saying goodbye though are memories remain here we've made friends we've laughed and we've cried sites may end but love wont we'll be fine even though we are apart

i am not mad just sad for the short time we've got time for miiverse to go? but not you... i know you didn't mean for this to sting and I've come to terms and i forgive THOUGH WHY THOUGH... =/

and though i know your reasons why i still wish you would stay not bye from WE... ooooOOOOoooo... (i don't speak watermelon) ooooOOOOoooo...

my time to go now but there's a party for friends made for the last day it's in honor of the memories that we've made here from page to page from talking with friends to drawing for friends for all of this fun we thank you! so sad the site closing is at hand so much we've had

looking back i'm sad yet glad =,) we've had a blast with you so i tip my hat at the last to you...=,) good bye miiverse you will be missed...


08 November 2017

Bild 62

I'm sailing away set an open course for the distant seas... cuz I've got to be free free to face the life that's ahead of me


On board I'm the captain so climb aboard... We'll search for tomorrow on every shore! And I'll try, oh sakurai I'll try... to carry on


I look to the sea... reflections in the waves spark my memory Some happy some sad


I think of childhood friends and the dreams we had


We live happily forever so the story goes...


But somehow we missed out on that pot of gold


But we'll try best that we can to carry on!


A gathering of angels appeared above my head They sang to me this song of hope and this is what they said; They said: come sail away come sail away Come sail away with me X4


I thought that they were angels but to my surprise We climbed aboard their starship! we headed for the skies! Singing: Come sail away, come sail away Come sail away with me X4 ......... goodbye miiverse you will be missed =,)


Bild 63

just if you want to keep in touch ;) my usernames pretty much girstaco or girstacos everywhere but not every girstaco is me so here's a list of what sites i'm on ;)


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