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Na ihr Smash Bros. Fans, hier möchte ich euch Bilder über Super Smash Bros. Wii U von einer ganz besonderen Person vorstellen. Sein Name ist Noah, gir3 und er war im Miiiverse unter dem Name girstaco bekannt, dies ist eine Anspielung auf seinen lieblings Show Invader Zim. Seine Lieblingsspielereihe ist Mega Man aber er liebt auch Mario, EarthBound,Legend of Zelda und LEGO Spiele. Er liebte es auch für das Miiverse zu zeichnen, er kommt aus den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika, was Videospiele angeht, ist er ist ein fortgeschrittener Spieler, seine lieblings Genres sind Action/Adventure und Puzzlespiele. Er besitzt eine Wii U ist bei vielen Anbietern welche untenhalb aufgelistet sind im Internet zu finden und seine Super Smash Bros. Bilder sind einfach unglaublich heldenhaft gemacht. Seine Bilder strotzen nur so vor Super Helden, ich finde seine Bilder gehören einfach auf diese Webseite sie sind so unglaublich, fabelhaft, gemacht, das ich hier alle seine Smash Bilder veröffentliche.

Ich wünsche euch Viel Spaß mit girstacos Heroes United-Smash Bildern

girstaco selbst könnt ihr unter seinem Mii Profil erreichen.

Klickt einfach auf den Mii um zu seinem Profil zu kommen.










Und hier kommen sie die Heroes United-Smash Bilder von girstaco. Ich wünsche euch Viel Spaß beim ansehen seiner meisterhaften Bilder.


Da es sehr viele Bilder sind, sind diese in verschiedenen Teilen aufgeteilt. Um die neusten Bilder zu sehen müsst ihr auf den letzten Teil klicken.

Teil 1

Teil 2

Hier seht ihr Teil 1 der Heroes United Smash-Pics von girstaco


09 März 2017

Der Beginn


09 März 2017

Bild 1


Bild 2

this is what it should look like but he kinda looks like a guy in a monkey suit otherwise use your imagination i guess =)


Bild 3

A team's back, all right!


01 April 2017

Bild 4

batman vs deathstroke attempt


09 April 2017

Bild 5

welcome to jarasic park




04 Mai 2017

Bild 6

happy star wars day! may the force be with you =)


05 Mai 2017

Bild 7

happy star wars day =)


08 Mai 2017

Bild 8

pk float!


09 Dezember 2014

Bild 9

pk team! ness lucas and kirby are my top three in brawl but i always have a special spot for the dynamic duo of ness and lucas! my a teams the top three though


14 Mai 2017

Bild 10

happy mothers day!


18 Mai 2017

Bild 11

altador cups starting on neopets soon... i'm a bit excited =D i'm playing on kiko lake again so holbie pinnock =)


forgot the bandaid


23 Mai 2017

holbie, meela and ditan =D


18 Mai 2017

Bild 12

the vast-ness of space


23 Mai 2017

Bild 13


29 August 2017

neopets altador cup kiko lake fan art I wanted to post it's a thing that happens every summer on a website called neopets I just wanted to have it as my fav post =)


13 Juni 2017

Bild 14

the winner is zim and gir!


18 Juni 2017

Bild 15

happy fathers day!


05 Juli 2017

Bild 16

1966 batman and robin as tribute to adam west


forgot robin's gloves


07 Juli 2017

Bild 17

1966 batman being all epic and stuff =)


31 August 2017

Bild 18

1966 Batman and robin miis =)


Bild 19

1966 Batman VS 1966 Joker


31 August 2017

this is my mincraft skin in smash! it's me with a jedi tunic on and a lightsaber i also dress up as mega man sometimes ^u^ my username is girstaco if you want to look me up;)


how's this?


27 September 2017

oh yeah, i didn't notice that till now, thanks for pointing that out! i made some adjustments, i think it looks a bit better now/more full, so thanks for your comment! ps i love the mega man art you made! it looks great!;)


02 September 2017

Bild 20

mii in a jedi tunic and rebel helmet =D


Bild 21

it's like a ness wallpaper XD


Bild 22

pancake tower =D


11 September 2017

Bild 23

team siblings! these are the favorite characters and outfits of my sisters and I to play as! my younger sister likes edgy pit, i like blue ness, and my older sister likes flower jigglypuff =D


Bild 24

pits voice in this game always reminds me of dib from invader zim! XD


18 September 2017

Bild 25


01 Oktober 2017

Bild 26

Happy october 1st!


14 Oktober 2017

Bild 27


i met a man in skyworld he was six foot four, and full of muscles


i siad do you speak-a my language?


he just smiled and gave me a vegamite sandwich


and he said i come from a land down under!


where women glow,


and nabbits plunder


do you hear do you hear the thunder? you better run, you better take cover! NYEAH!!!


i have no idea XD i thought it might be fun! ;) hope you enjoyed it have a nice day =D


19 Oktober 2017

Bild 28

the flash! i painted over a mii =)


with a smash banner =D


20 Oktober 2017

Bild 29

Batman and the moon!


with smash banner and Bat signal!


21 Oktober 2017

Bild 30

justice league main 3 vs doomsday!


24 Oktober 2017

Bild 31

john jones the martian manhunter!


with smash banner! =D


25 Oktober 2017

Bild 32

Jay ZX from lego ninjago in smash!


smash banner ;)


Bild 33

Thanks for 10 Followers!!! =D you are all so nice ^u^ hope you all have a lovely day ahead :)


26 Oktober 2017

Bild 34

the lego dimensions main 3! batman, gandalf and wildstyle! also known as the fellowship of the AAAAAHhhh!!! as said by lego movie universe batman XD


27 Oktober 2017

Bild 35

luigi ghost bustin! it makes him feel good! =D


without banners ;)


Bild 36

zane ZX the white ninja of ice! from lego ninjago =D


with smash banner! ;)


Bild 37

arthur curry the aquaman makes a splash in smash! you know? like a fish!


with logo and smash banner!


29 Oktober 2017

Bild 38

john stewart the green lantern has the will to fight in smash!! (a mii paint over)


with smash banner =D ;)


29 Oktober 2017

Bild 39

superman vs ridley!


Bild 40

diana the wonder woman is ready for battle in smash! (a mii paint over)


with smash banner and logo =D


30 Oktober 2017


Bild 41

ness in a jedi tunic!



02 November 2017

oh no worries ;) thanks so much for the thought though! :D here's yoshi! i tried giving him a track suit with a bandana and knee and elbow pads since he has the sattle and is athletic *shrugs* couldn't really think of much, sorry


and here's kirby! i tried giving him a star warrior outfit kinda like meta knight since they're both star warriors in the anime! i think it looks okay anyway 0:-)


here's also kirby in a jacket and sneakers! just for options ;D thank you so so much for requesting and chatting with me about ness! this has been a lot of fun! =D if there's anything else i can do before the site closes just let me know! thanks :D


05 November 2017

ok here's a few...they didn't take long for each so i made a few incase some don't look that great :D i hope they look ok i'm not great at meme-ing but it was fun!=D tried to just make them look silly no offense to the characters or fans of them intended ;)


here's also the classic mega derp face from an edited ruby spears megaman episode!


here is a modernish dat boi meme with greninja


and here's a play on words with a silly stretched pikachu! these are fun so i might do some more tomorrow ;)


06 November 2017

bonus: when you're on a diet but you love to eat didn't paint this one but i thought it was too good to leave out ;D


31 Oktober 2017

Bild 42

get equipt with Ghost Buster! (don't cross the streams!)


they're firing at puftman! the marshmallow robot master!


03 November 2017

Bild 43

superman! the man of steel lands on the field!


with smash banner and logo!


Bild 44


04 November 2017

Bild 45

with helmet and smash banner! :D


Bild 46

victor stone aka cyborg charges on to the field!


with smash banner! :D and that's all the justice league done! you can check them all out in my game comment thingys =)


05 November 2017

Bild 47

cole the ninja of earth rocks the field!


with smash banner! ;)


Bild 48

kai the ninja of fire heats up the battle!


with smash banner


Bild 49

with smash banner ;D


06 November 2017

Bild 50

water bend! HY-AA!


Zu Teil 2 der Heroes United-Smash Pics von girstaco


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