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Hier seht ihr Teil 6 der Fanpics


29 Februar 2016

Bild 251 (WiiU)

By Kai


02 März 2016

Bild 252 (WiiU)

Alex ? said:


04 März 2016

Bild 253 (WiiU)

By Mattia


07 März 2016

Bild 254 (WiiU)

David R. said:
«Pokemon Sun and Moon?!?»


09 März 2016

Bild 255 (WiiU)

David R. said:
«The incredible ending of Super Mario Galaxy, recreated! Do you hear the baby stars?»


11 März 2016

Bild 256 (WiiU)

Gregory said:
«Jet Force Gemini's Walkway returns in Smash! Quite a lonesome planet, but the layout make for a great Smash arena. Also for whatever reason, I just love this level in JFG. Stage can be found in the Swedish section.»


14 März 2016

Bild 257 (WiiU)

MB said:
«KRool Intentions: An uneasy truce. I've held up my end of the deal you bloated, oversized turtle, here is your pudgy plumber. Now go and capture Donkey Kong, posthaste!»


16 März 2016

Bild 258 (WiiU)

David R. said:
«For New Years Eve, I present - The Great Smash Bros. Concert, featuring K.K., D.K., Meloetta, and Jigglypuffs!»


18 März 2016

Bild 259 (WiiU)

twilight said:
«Undyne from Undertale "Is Anime real?"»


21 März 2016

Bild 260 (WiiU)

By Ferris


23 März 2016

Bild 261 (WiiU)

?????????? said:


25 März 2016

Bild 262 (WiiU)

By Nicolas


28 März 2016

Bild 263 (WiiU)

David R. said:
«Here's my Wiggler shot, now painted in! (Sorry if my art isn't great, just don't turn red and charge at me!)»


30 März 2016

Bild 264 (WiiU)

By BZ/B-Zorky


01 April 2016

Bild 265 (WiiU)

?????????? said:
«I just noticed I have 300 followers, thanks guys! Soooo... here?s Tazmilly Village to celebrate.»


04 April 2016

Bild 266 (WiiU)

By Ferris


06 April 2016

Bild 267 (WiiU)

David R. said:
«For New Years Eve, I present - The Great Smash Bros. Concert, featuring K.K., D.K., Meloetta, and Jigglypuffs!»


08 April 2016

Bild 268 (WiiU)

Anto said:
«Angel Island»


11 April 2016

Bild 269 (3DS)

Euclidian said:
«You're going to need a bigger net Villager.»


13 April 2016

Bild 270 (WiiU)

David R. said:
«These obnoxiously cute yellow guys welcome you to Smash Wii U!»


15 April 2016

Bild 271 (WiiU)

By twilight


18 April 2016

Bild 272 (WiiU)

Ferris said:
«"Slime Drops In!" Well, it's pretty simple, but a charming character design nonetheless. It took me a lot of the day, but it wouldn't have if my day hadn't been so busy,(corespondent course and brother's summer job I filled in for.) This marks the 2nd Square Enix character I've drawn. I hear Dragon Quest is very popular in Japan. So, who would you rather see in Smash; Black Mage, or Slime?»


20 April 2016

Bild 273 (WiiU)

David R. said:
«The Evolution of Bowser! My, what a ferocious beast he has become!»


22 April 2016

Bild 274 (WiiU)

WHP Norn said:
«And here's GHZ with the environment touched up. It just felt empty without the blocky ground. (Took me ages to fit it to the shape, though... didn't even think I could for a while.)»


25 April 2016

Bild 275 (WiiU)

By Ferris


27 April 2016

Bild 276 (WiiU)

By Ferris


29 April 2016

Bild 277 (WiiU)

Kitzu said:
«DS - Dream Stage. Jungle Japes from Melee. Cannons represent the river, and the gaps between the platforms are a bit wider so that every ledge can be grabbed.»


02 Mai 2016

Bild 278 (WiiU)

Guy said:
«super smash bros. portable for the super smash bros. system that can play all super smash bros. games. this is for the contest»


04 Mai 2016

Bild 279 (WiiU)

By °Raymundo°


06 Mai 2016

Bild 280 (WiiU)

~?M?lød??~ said:
«My take on a Splatoon theme stage! The whole stage is your character when your in squid form.»


09 Mai 2016

Bild 281 (WiiU)

Eric said:
«Go Shulk!»


11 Mai 2016

Bild 282 (WiiU)

By Ferris


13 Mai 2016

Bild 283 (WiiU)

twilight said:
«Droid BB-8»


16 Mai 2016

Bild 284 (WiiU)

By Rohan K.


18 Mai 2016

Bild 285 (3DS)

Dark Starz said:


20 Mai 2016

Bild 286 (WiiU)

By Christine


23 Mai 2016

Bild 287 (WiiU)

By °Raymundo°


25 Mai 2016

Bild 288 (3DS)

BlueBlaZe§ said:
«greninja: when life give ya lemons... AAAHHH!!!!! BAD CHOICE OF WORDS!!»


27 Mai 2016

Bild 289 (WiiU)

coy said:
«es el logo de la consola de nintendo gamecube»


30 Mai 2016

Bild 290 (WiiU)

?????????? said:


01 Juni 2016

Bild 291 (3DS)

By ?ctober


03 Juni 2016

Bild 292 (WiiU)

Coocola said:


06 Juni 2016

Bild 293 (3DS)

By DrMichu


08 Juni 2016

Bild 294 (WiiU)

SaV_JRD_©? said:
«Pic says it all.»


10 Juni 2016

Bild 295 (WiiU)

Mitch MTS? said:
«My Bandage skin, if you want your minecraft skin made into a stage, tell me your minecraft pc name or send me a screenshot of your skin in one of my minecraft posts»


13 Juni 2016

Bild 296 (WiiU)

Jonathan said:
«The future is here.»


15 Juni 2016

Bild 297 (WiiU)

Kavon said:
«That moment when you get caught into Bayonetta Witch Time.»


17 Juni 2016

Bild 298 (WiiU)

twilight said:


20 Juni 2016

Bild 299 (WiiU)

DSL'14 said:
«My 500 Post Special!»


22 Juni 2016

Bild 300 (3DS)

By GamerWolf?


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